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Nobody knows how many houses the McCains have

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Washington, D.C., August 21st, 2008, (Reuters).- McCain

The McCains and pictures of some of their houses

The McCains and pictures of some of their houses

singlehandledly created the biggest housing crisis the US has ever known, by not knowing how many houses he and his over 5 million dollars multimillionare wife have.

Neither does anyone in the US.

The McCain camp says at least 4. The Obama camp says 7. The Associated Press says at least 8.

John McCain says “I’ll have my staff get to you.  No, wait, I know this one, let me see…It’s condominiums where… I’ll have them get to you.”

Democratic hopeful Obama, who recently arrived from his vacation in a private beach in Hawaii, commented on McCain’s answer. “A guy who thinks being rich is making $5 million dollars a year and not knowing how many houses he has is clearly out out touch with the working class,” declared the candidate from his $1.6 million dollar house.

Part of the problem is that some of the McCains’ properties house smaller houses, so it’s not clear whether they should count as one or as individual houses.

The controversy started last week, when McCain declared that being rich in the US meant making 5 million dollars a year, hiring more than than 100 servants and not having to use public yatch and golf clubs.

According to his tax returns, Obama and his wife Michelle earned only $4.2 million in 2007 so they will be applying for food stamps this year. McCain earned only half a million, but his wife’s income of $6 million from last year plus her $100 million wealth saved him from poverty and welfare.


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