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Muslim Magomayev dies at 66. His black coffin becomes lipstick red after fans kiss it.

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Moscow, Russia, October 29th, 2008, (Reuters).- USSR icon and idol of thousands of Russian women,

Until the very end, he denied any similarity with Frank Sinatra.

Until the very end, he denied any similarity with Frank Sinatra. "I'd rather be compared with James Bond," he once said.

Muslim Magomayev, died in his flat.

He was buried in his birthtown, Baku, in former soviet republic Azerbaijan. It’s still unknown if this is because he wanted it that way or because the corpse of Ekaterina Fursteva denied the permission needed to be buried in the Novodevichye Cementery.

Police are still investigating the cause of death, but thousands of empty cigarrette boxes that were found in his flat have lead to the conclusion that his lover smoked too much while she prepared him fish soup, which then might have poisoned him.

The Minister of Culture arranged a ceremony for his remains in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. A funeral chariot was rented to transport his black coffin, but it wasn’t necessary as thousands of women carried it and painted it red with their lipstick. Some panties were thrown as well.

Thousands of fans have staged noisy demonstrations. The noisiest ones, however, were heard along the Piterskaya and the Tverskaya-Yamskaya.

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