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First task of Obama’s newly appointed Chief of Staff: Help the president-elect select a First Dog.

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Washington, D.C., Nov, 7th, 2008 (Reuters).- Obama’s first choice of staff as president-elect was to

Despite his status as the war hero who shot down the Red Baron of Germany, Snoopy was disqualified for his closeness to McCain.

Despite his status as the war hero who shot down the Red Baron of Germany, Snoopy was disqualified because of his closeness to McCain.

select a Chief of Staff. He reached out to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a congressman representing Illinois.

Now, Emanuel is charged with the most pressing issue of the post-election transition: Selecting the White House’s First Dog.

There are several criteria for selecting the First Dog, according to the guidelines that the president-elect gave Emanuel.

a) It has to be hypoallergenic because his daughter is hypochondriac.

b) He’d rather have a shelter dog, but the problem is that shelter dogs are usually mutts, like Obama. If possible, he’d rather have a purebreed, like Michelle.

c) It can’t be a pitbull.

d) If it’s a female, it can’t wear lipstick and it will be operated in order to avoid the female dog getting suddely pregnant.

Several dogs have been sending their résumés to Emanuel’s office, including Kripto, Scooby-Doo, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie and the whole litter of 101 Dalmatians, in the hopes of being chosen as First Dog.

In another news, Obama also answered a reporter during a press conference, who asked him if he had spoken to previous presidents.

“I have spoken with all living presidents,” the president-elect replied, “It’s kinda hard to speak with the ones who have already died. I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing seances, but I might if I ever feel like asking Franklin Roosevelt for ideas for a New New Deal.”


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