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Michael Jackson sued by Arab Sheikh.

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The artist also said he's tired of all the Michael-Jackson-picking-his-nose jokes.

The artist also declared he's tired of all the Michael-Jackson-picks-his-nose jokes. "Oh, just beat it, will ya?" he said.

London, UK, November 17th, 2008, (Reuters).- Pop star, Michael Jackson is being sued again, this time by an Arab Sheikh prince from the totally unheard kingdom of Bahrain.

The Sheikh prince, whose short name is Abdulla Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Mohammed Hussein Barack, claims he gave Michael Jackson 7 million American dollars, 2 white limousines, 3 golden watches with “Jackson” engraved in them and 543 virgins from his personal harem, in exchange of 25 minutes of quality time and a couple of rounds of Rock Band, which Michael Jackson never delivered.

“The word is out, he’s doing wrong, we’re going to lock him up, before too long,” said the Shiekh’s lawyer, describing Michael Jackson’s end of the bargain as bad.

Michael Jackson, who defines his race as black or white, claims he’s innocent, and he thought the money he received from the Sheikh was just small change to pay for petty expenses, like paving his Never-Ever-Again ranch with golden bricks.

“He clearly doesn’t remember the time when he said it was a gift,” said Michael Jackson to the press. “And now he says I’m the one who will dance on the floor in a round.”

The King of Pop also claimed he’s always the target of opportunistic people who try to take advantage of him in order to get money. “People always told me, be careful who you love, be careful what you do, ’cause the lie becomes the truth,” lamented the singer.

Beijing closes spectacularly, Wo ai Beijing.

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Beijing, China, August 24th, 2008, (Reuters).- Faster, Usain Bolt, Higher,

It's really hard to come up with a joke with such a flawless ceremony, you know?

It's hard to come up with a joke with such a flawless ceremony.

Yelena Isinbayeva, Stronger, Matthias Steiner, and now, more medals, Michael Phelps.

In an spectacular closing ceremony, Beijing 2008 ended in “The Bird’s Nest” two weeks of amazing games with drums, music, art and thousands and thousands of obedient Chinese.

The ceremony started with a countdown in which the numbers were being shown with fireworks in Beijing’s sky, as well as the five olimpic rings. Hundreds of drums started to play in the center of the stadium while two giant drums were also being played while suspended on air. Hundreds of Chinese dancers joined with choreography and vehicles with lights in a show that amazed everyone except the Americans who again had to skip the live transmission and had to wait for NBC’s delayed one.

The nations parade was much more casual and shorter as only one athlete from each country paraded, accompanied by a Chinese guy. Later on, the rest of the athletes that are still in Beijing joined their partners in the spaces that the Chinese left for them.

The medal ceremony for the marathon took place then, with the medals being given by Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympics Committee. Samuel Wanjiru from Kenya took gold, Jaouad Gharib from Morrocco took silver and Tsegay Kebede from Ethiopia took bronze. They all seemed Africans to the US audience.

Jacques Rogge said a speech.  “The world has learned about China, and China has learned about the world, and I believe this has been a lot of learning.”

The English were present, in anticipation for the London 2012 games. A double decker bus appeared on stage from which a rather hindi girl came out, who received a soccer ball from a Chinese girl. This ball was later given to Spice Boy Beckham, who shot a penalty with it. One from the many Chinese volunteers caught it though. Led Zepellin’s guitarrist Jimmy Paige was brought all the way from the eldery home so he could pretend he played a Guitar Hero solo. Leona Lewis joined him with the Rock Band vocals. 

A touching moment was when 3 athletes were shown in a plane staircase, giving the impression that they were about to board it. The American Olympic committee filed a protest that their baggages hadn’t been checked for potential terrorist bombs or threaths.

The Chinese gave a show of discipline and coordination by mounting up a tower and giving it life as an olympic torch, using only dancers who were dressed red and silver. 

Afterwards, several modern Chinese singers, along with more dancers and representatives of China’s ethnies, sang to the public. The song “Wo ai Beijing”, which means “we’re not underage at Beijing”, was specially catchy. Jackie Chan also showed up and showed that he can fake singing as well as fighting. Placido Domingo also sang along with Chinese star, Chun Li.

Finally, the sky was again filled with fireworks, which lasted several minutes and brought back the smog that had been absent from Beijing’s sky during the last 2 weeks.

This time, The United States changed the way the medal rankings are calculated, trying new ways, all of which, by mere coincidence, give the US the first place. Instead of letting the number of gold medals decide who the first place is, as has always been done in the olympics and which gives host China first place, the US used total medals, medals per capita and medals in non-judged events systems, which all give the US first place. 

Meanwhile, countries who won their first ever olympic medals, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mauritius, Sudan, Tajikistan and Togo also claimed their athletes were the best of the world. So did Panama and Mongolia who won their first ever gold medals. They hope to soon begin appearing on maps as well.