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Michael Phelps breaks record by 3 hours and 45 minutes

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Michael Phelps claims he's just a normal average American. "I like sports, girls, parties and racing dolphins, just like any other American boy."

Michael Phelps claims he is an average boy. "I like pizza, movies, parties and racing against dolphins."

Beijing, China, August 12th, 2008, (Reuters).- Michael Phelps obtained his umpteenth medal today as he broke the record for the 200 meter butterfly by 3 hours, 45 minutes, 12 seconds and 48 hundredths, effectively going into negative numbers.

Phelps, who went to the movies while he waited for the rest of the competitors to finish, apologized to the audience after the ceremony, “I’m terribly sorry, my googles kept filling with water during the race and I couldn’t do my best. I know I could have gotten 30 minutes less, but in the circumstances, not too bad, I guess. Please understand, I’m just human.”

Later that day, he broke up another record, won another gold, by beating the rest of the world combined in the 800 meters relay. The US coach decided to have American teammates Ryan Lochte, Ricky Berens, and Peter Vanderkaay sit this one out and have Phelps race against all the other nations’ swimmers combined, AND giving them an advantage of 100 meters, “just to make it interesting.” Phelps had a hard time, winning the race by mere 16 minutes. After the race he tried to hire some weightlifting medal winner to carry his gold medal suitcase for him.

Phelps has won so many medals and broke so many records and became so popular that the American Olympic Commettee is considering to leave the rest of the American delegation at home and just take Phelps alone for the London Olympics in 2012. “Maybe those guys who play basketball, too,” commented the president of the commettee, “it’d be cheaper and plus we wouldn’t have any flops like the gymnastic’s team.”

He was referring to the loss of the US gymnastic team, who, with a fall from a beam, a splat on the floor and two steps out of bounds, lost the gold to the China team, settling for silver, with bronze for the Romanians. “It wasn’t fair, the  rulebook that was handed to us was in Chinese,” complained U.S. captain Alicia Sacramone.

On another Olympic news, it was revealed that the Olympic child singing star Lin Miaoke was a fake, as she was only miming and put in stage because the real singer was considered unattractive, revealed the music designer of the ceremony, Hu You Hai Ding.

Movie director Steven Spielberg, who first helped Chinese director Zhang Fei with the preparation of the opening, but later withdrew because he was not given the rights for the athletes action figures, declared “I do not think the Chinese state realizes how unethical this is. It’s completly unnecessary as we can’t tell Chinese people apart nor pronounce their names. We would never do this in the U.S. where we have actresses that portrait what the real average American woman looks like, such as Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johanson and Angelina Jolie.”

China olympics give new breath to ancient culture

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China's athletics team finishing their Nike quota so that they can participate in the games.

China's athletics team finishing their Nike quota so that they can participate in the games.

Beijing, China, July 29th, 2008 (Reuters).- Olympics are bringing not only athletes, events, tourists and foreign currencies to the old Chinese capital, but also a reinassence of the  culture and arquitecture that is such a distigished icon of the sino heritage.Following a beautification program approved by the only party in power, called “ho yoo hai ding” which in English means “the new wall of China, in Beijing”, the Chinese local officials have taken the task of keeping the city as clean as possible before the Olympics by covering less than desirable or even eyesore parts of the city behind walls, in such a way that they don’t interfiere with the atlethes’ or tourists’ line of view.

Thus many small one bedroom houses and stores owners would be safely protected from curious tourists that might speak with them, buy their products or even know they exist.

“We not only care about imperialist tourist, we care about local Chinese people too. We give them culture, we give them new wall of China for protection and their own Forbidden City in their own room. We specially care about Chinese children. We belive they are future of China. We give them economic future in constructing industry with bricks. Of course, we give them sweatshop quota and circus acrobatics too so they have integral development. If they fast enough, we give them chance in olympic event too after they finish homework and rice field work.” said a Chinese official who did not request to remain anonymus. However, this wasn’t  necessary as his name was too difficult to pronounce and impossible to remember and they all look the same anyway.