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Canadian terrorist found guilty.

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TORONTO (Reuters) – A Toronto-area man was found guilty by an Ontario court on Thursday of being part of

Faced with terrorist's threats, the government has assigned mounties to protect Canada's most famous possessions, like the Stanley cup.

Faced with terrorist's threats, the government has assigned mounties to protect Canada's most precious possessions, like the Stanley cup.

 a Canadian Al Qaeda-style terrorist conspiracy, the first verdict tied to an alleged plot against key Canadian landmarks, such as the Mounties Igloo Headquarters and the Toronto Hockey Statium. 
The Newfee, who cannot be named because Canadian law prohibits the release of names of criminals who were 17 or younger at the time of the crime, was one of the “Kids in the Hall” suspects arrested in a police sting in 2006.

The members of the group were arrested after allegedly trying to buy three water guns and materials to build what they called “explosive putts” from undercover Anaheim Ducks.

However, charges against seven of the suspects have since been dropped, mostly due to health care related issues, while defense lawyers have cast many of the suspects as naive kids who were drawn in by a small core of extremists, like Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd and Avril Lavigne.

The guilty verdict, given by Ontario Superior Court Jean Chretien, was on the charge of “knowingly participating in or contributing to activities aboot threatening the national integrity of Canadian welfare, hey?”.

“I’m satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that (the suspect) by his participation and contribution, intended to enhance the ability of the terrorist group to carry terrorist activities against key Canadian Institutes, such as the Molson Dry brewery, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters and the Beaver Refuge National Park” he wrote from his chesterfield.