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Waitress-Model Kelly Bundy fighting cancer

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Kelly Bundy and her spokesbrother giving the news to the press. Kelly debated at first that she's not Cancer, but Aquarium.

Los Angeles, CA, August 2nd, 2008, (Reuters).- Waitress-Model Kelly Bundy, eternally 18 and famous for being hot, but not so much for being smart, was diagnosed with cancer during a regular MRI, said in an e-mail, spokesbrother Bud Bundy, who is entitled to 80% of her earnings.

“Pumkin is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery,” her father Al Bundy said.

Kelly Bundy, whose mother, Peggy Bundy, battled both breast cancer and Al’s refusals for sex, has been an advocate for breast cancer research.

Bundy’s cancer diagnosis was reported earlier by the Hollywood gossip TV show Extra, allegedly, being caused by the constant use of the chemical hair bleach that she uses to dye her hair, whose original color she can’t remember.

When asked for comments on Actress Christina Applegate, who has also been diagnosed with breast cancer, Miss Bundy asked, “Christina who?”