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China olympics give new breath to ancient culture

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China's athletics team finishing their Nike quota so that they can participate in the games.

China's athletics team finishing their Nike quota so that they can participate in the games.

Beijing, China, July 29th, 2008 (Reuters).- Olympics are bringing not only athletes, events, tourists and foreign currencies to the old Chinese capital, but also a reinassence of the  culture and arquitecture that is such a distigished icon of the sino heritage.Following a beautification program approved by the only party in power, called “ho yoo hai ding” which in English means “the new wall of China, in Beijing”, the Chinese local officials have taken the task of keeping the city as clean as possible before the Olympics by covering less than desirable or even eyesore parts of the city behind walls, in such a way that they don’t interfiere with the atlethes’ or tourists’ line of view.

Thus many small one bedroom houses and stores owners would be safely protected from curious tourists that might speak with them, buy their products or even know they exist.

“We not only care about imperialist tourist, we care about local Chinese people too. We give them culture, we give them new wall of China for protection and their own Forbidden City in their own room. We specially care about Chinese children. We belive they are future of China. We give them economic future in constructing industry with bricks. Of course, we give them sweatshop quota and circus acrobatics too so they have integral development. If they fast enough, we give them chance in olympic event too after they finish homework and rice field work.” said a Chinese official who did not request to remain anonymus. However, this wasn’t  necessary as his name was too difficult to pronounce and impossible to remember and they all look the same anyway.